[DIY] How to Make a Mini Basketball Hoop

Making your own best mini basketball hoop is very easy and affordable. You just need to have some accessories with you. Following are some of the steps that you need to follow to make the hoop get ready:


  • Obtain the necessary accessories

Creating a basketball hoop is although not tough, but still having some important materials is necessary. The major requirements are as follows:

  1. A wire hanger.
  2. A piece of cardboard which is flat and large.
  3. A tape of your choice. Try to get the marking tape because it is easy to use and work with. Also, using the duct tape can be useful in making the hope more durable.
  4. Paint
  5. Markers
  6. Scissor
  7. Also, get a string if available.
  • Bend the wire hanger in shape of circle

After you have managed to collect the above items, the next step is to reshape the hanger into the shape of a circular hoop.

  • Bend the hook of the hanger

The next step is to bend the hook of the hanger at the perpendicular angle in proportion with the hoop. Remember that cutting the hook is not a better option because the hook can be of some use in the future.

  • Cutting the cardboard

Now, you need to cut the cardboard to a particular shape and size that is according to your wish. The standard shape of the cardboard is rectangular if we see at the schools and the colleges. While cutting the board, make sure that the scare of the hoop and the backboard are reasonable. You can take into consideration that the backboard used at NBA is 6 feet wider and the opening of the basket is 18 inches. The width of the basket is 25% wide.

  • Decoration of the hoop and the backboard

After you have cut the cardboard and given it a proper measurement, the next task is to decorate the hoop and the backboard according to your wish. If we have a look at the traditional hoops, they are painted in red color. Bu it does not matters. You can customize it as it suits you. If we look at most of the colleges and NBA, the backboard is made up of the transparent glass.

  • Tape the hoop to the backboard

Now, attach the hook that you bent up earlier to the lower back side of the backboard. But you need to ensure out properly that the rim is nearest to the backboard.

  • Attaching a net to rim

Another task is to attach the net to the rim but is an optional step. If you have a string with you then make a net out of that string. You can even make the net from the twisted tape.

  • Hang the prepared stuff to a wall

The final step is to hang the basket on a wall. You can use a masking tape and tape it towards the front perimeter.

This way, your own DIY mini basketball hoop is ready.

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